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The human side of digital transformation

Are you a leader or change agent and do you want to help accelerate your organization to make the most of the value of technology and data? Then you get to work with a seemingly complex complexity:

  1. You want people to do something different in their daily work than they do now, while this is not the goal in itself for these people. They are given many other priorities from the left, right, and centre. There is often no priority in this, such as increasing the quality of data or learning how to recognize and use the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence for your work…
  2. The value of technology and data can often not be realized tomorrow. This can take weeks, months or even years before real returns are experienced from the time and effort invested. Resistance is lurking here. So you will also have to think of something to make clear what the loss is if you don’t work on it now. And at the same time speed up the result, so that you build evidence.
  3. Finally, everyone is still working far too much in silos, with their own goals and daily concerns. While cross-component collaboration on digitization actually leads to much more value from technology and data.

Complicated puzzle? Yet it is possible! More and more companies are succeeding in winning the gold of tech & data. They succeed by mainly becoming proficient in one important capability: effectively influencing people to desired ‘digital’ behaviour. How do these organizations inspire and encourage this, how do they facilitate and motivate to learn and apply tech & data knowledge and skills? What are they doing concretely to develop a more learning and digital culture and mindset?

Learning objectives of this masterclass are:

  • Which human-oriented change steps should you not skip if you want to help utilize the value of technology and data more for your organization?
  • What not to do if you want to make your employees digitally fit and data-savvy.
  • How do you deal with the resistance in digital transformation?
  • What can leaders do concretely to help accelerate the movement?
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Door RDH Coaching & Consultancy

The human side of digital transformation

October 10, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

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About the host

RDH Coaching & Consultancy

Rosan den Hollander

Rosan den Hollander is an independent Tech & Data Transformation consultant. She has already guided many leaders and organizations through the crux of digital transformation: the human aspect. She will provide a master class on the human side of digital transformation based on various best practice processes and lessons learned in practice.
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