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Use the knowledge, experience and expertise from the largest business to business network in The Netherlands! WeShareTalent offers custom made programs that ensure that you and your organization can continue to grow. 

Is there a specific challenge within your organization? You are probably not the first and other organizations preceded you. WeShareTalent connects you with experienced experts from the network and thus brings knowledge, energy and inspiration through custom made programs. Below you can find examples of custom made services on personal and organizational levels. 


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Future-proof employees of a.s.r.

a.s.r. heeft een innovatieve visie op talentontwikkeling: Focus op Talent. Deze toekomstbestendige aanpak gaat uit van het talent van iedere medewerker en kansen op ontwikkeling voor iedereen. Het doel: werken aan de vaardigheden van de toekomst en het vergroten van de wendbaarheid van medewerkers.

To develop themselves, employees can make use of training courses, TedTalks and podcasts, but also, for example, 'on the job' and through 'looks behind the scenes' of other companies and branches. a.s.r likes to use the WST network for this. Various employees have already made a trip to, among others, the Ministry of Defence, Simyo, Philips and Schiphol.

Case Studies for talentprogram

A large Dutch bank already had a successful traineeship program in which 100 international young professionals were prepared for a career within the bank every year. However, this program was missing an important element: the view to the outside world and thus the opportunity to learn from other international organizations. 

That is why WeShareTalent has developed a tailor-made program for these talents in which we organize interactive online sessions with current business cases from other corporations.

Market orientation with the Municipality of The Hague

The Municipality of The Hague developed a new vision in which various business activities are centrally organized in a Business Management Expertise Center (BEC). 

A selection of City Managers participated in a custom made market orientation program to collect inspiring experiences and lessons learned from four public and four private service providers. The central theme was: “Integral Management”. The managers visited the Business Support Director of the Gamma with a lot of experience in the field of centralization.


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