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Masterclass Entrepreneurial Design Thinking

Unlock Your Innovative Potential with the Masterclass on Entrepreneurial Design Thinking. Learn the difference between Design Thinking and Lean Startup, how to solve complex challenges, the Dutch Design Delta methodology and about successful case studies. Join now and gain experience to elevate your problem-solving skills.

Organizations like Airbnb, Google and Oral B apply Design Thinking to create value for their clients. Also governmental organizations, hospitals, schools and NGO’s use Design Thinking.

This masterclass will take place via Zoom and Miro. You will join us and experience some of the tools and techniques we use when we execute an Entrepreneurial Design Thinking process.

Join this interactive masterclass and experience if it will be of use for you too.

Learning Goals

  • Understand what Entrepreneurial Design Thinking is;
  • Profound understanding when to apply Entrepreneurial Design Thinking;
  • Get to know the process of the Dutch Design Deltas;
  • Experience how to apply Entrepreneurial Design Thinking to solve challenges and turn meetings into productive workshops;
  • Experience some of the tools and techniques applied through Entrepreneurial Design Thinking;
  • Access to the knowledge base.
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Masterclass Entrepreneurial Design Thinking

November 28, 2023, 9:00 am – 10:00 am

About the host


Kees Froeling

Kees is an enterprising networker who enjoys connecting people. Kees helps people to move forward, sees connections and creates opportunities, both as an individual and as a team. Through the combination of practical experience and his ability to establish and maintain new relationships, he is also able to create an environment in which solutions emerge for difficult issues.
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