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The future of Risk management

Are you and your organization prepared for (future) risks?
To answer this, we will need insight into the current top risks for organizations. We will explore together the outcomes of our Aon Global Risk Survey, which provides a view on which top risks organizations are currently dealing with. It also shows what the current and projected status of their risk management is. But, what do these risks mean to your organization? Only a fraction of the significant risks can be insured, but most of them will be at the expense of the organizations themselves, or by society as a whole. Therefore, we need to prepare!

How do we prepare for top risks?
During this webinar Aon will lead you along the ways organizations adopt principles of risk management and resilience to make sure they are able to face top risks that threaten them. Currently relevant risk examples, such as climate or cyber risks will illustrate the way resilience is built.

Why would you attend this masterclass?

  • You will learn about currently relevant top risk priorities that are on the mind of c-suite professionals
  • You will get a picture of the current status or risk management and priorities for strengthening resilience
  • You will discuss the challenges your organization faces with strengthening risk management and specific risk topics discussed (such as climate risk)
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Door Aon

The future of Risk management

February 15, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

About the host


Sonja Janicijevic and Erwin Coumou

This session will be hosted by Sonja Janicijevic and Erwin Coumou, Risk Management Consultants at Aon, the British-American multinational financial services firm.
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