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Unconscious Bias: Everyone Has It, But Are You Aware Of It?

Seeing others through different filters. Unconscious bias, everyone has it, but how did this arise? What strengthens it? And…are prejudices always detrimental or do they also have advantages? On Diversity Day, Tuesday 3rd of October, Refugee Talent Hub will facilitate a workshop about this. This interactive workshop contains the following:

  • Background information unconscious bias and the importance of DEI (Diversity, Inclusion & Equity) in awareness biases;
  • The effects of unconscious bias on one’s own actions and those of others;
  • Exercises to make the influence of unconscious bias more tangible and concrete;
  • Actions you can take as an individual and as a team/group to raise awareness (practical tools);
  • We conduct open dialogues on this subject, with room for sharing personal stories, insights and tips & tricks.

This session is meant for everyone; native Dutch professionals and professionals from other cultural backgrounds. The combination of this group is where the value of this session lies.


Learning goals

  • Gain awareness on your own biases, based on theory, examples, personal experiences, exercises and open conversations;
  • Gain awareness and reflect on own actions and those of the environment as a result of unconscious bias;
  • Get inspired and receive tips & tricks on reflecting and following up on biases, to make your environment an inclusive place.

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Door Refugee Talent Hub

Unconscious Bias: Everyone Has It, But Are You Aware Of It?

October 3, 2023, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm

About the host

Refugee Talent Hub

Batsheba White and Samina Ahmed

About the trainers Batsheba White is a Sr. Partnership manager at Refugee Talent Hub, responsible for knowledge sharing and advisory, amongst other things. ‘With unstoppable enthusiasm and energy I try to create an equal playing field for all refugees who want to work in the Netherlands, in collaboration with our involved and committed partners.’ Samina Ahmed is a Project Officer at Refugee Talent Hub. ‘We all have blinders but being open to new perspectives and challenges motivates me to be better.’ That’s why I would like to live in a country where employers see and use the talent of refugees and where they have equal chances in the Dutch labour market.’ About Refugee Talent Hub The Refugee Talent Hub is an employer’s initiative, with more than 50 affiliated employers. Most of them are corporates, such as Accenture, Arcadis, Microsoft, Unilever and TenneT. Refugee Talent Hub bridges the gap between employers and refugees with paid jobs as the final goal. The dream of Refugee Talent Hub is a country in which employers see the talents of refugees, and refugees therefore have equal chances in the Dutch labor market. Refugee Talent Hub organizes activities and programs where meeting each other face to face plays an important role.
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