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Unwritten rules and their implications in the Dutch workplace

During this session we will elaborate on the cultural and language challenges in the Dutch workplace and their effects on colleagues with a refugee background and/or people with other cultural backgrounds than the Dutch. 

Dutch culture is one thing, corporate culture is another one. For many employees with a refugee background or non-Dutch cultural background, navigating corporate rules can be complex and confusing. In addition to that, the workplace represents a complex, dynamic setting where newcomers experience a double socialization: into the discourses of the workplace, which all new employees experience, and into the specific language practices that realize these discourses. 

 We ask all participants of this workshop to think about the unwritten rules (‘codes’) and usage of language (‘jargon’) in their own workplace, to reflect on during the workshop.      .

This session is meant for everyone: native Dutch professionals and professionals from other cultural backgrounds.

Learning goals

  • Gain insights into the Dutch (working) culture and its (unwritten) rules, from an intercultural perspective;
  • Learn about the use of language (jargon, jokes) and underlying meaning/values;
  • Get inspired by the personals stories and tips & tricks.
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Door Refugee Talent Hub

Unwritten rules and their implications in the Dutch workplace

May 2, 10:00 am – 11:30 am

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About the host

Refugee Talent Hub

Batsheba White and Pegy Ibrahim

Batsheba White is a Sr. Account manager at Refugee Talent Hub, responsible for knowledge sharing and advisory, amongst other things. “With unstoppable enthusiasm and energy I try to create an equal playing field for all refugees who want to work in the Netherlands, in collaboration with our involved and committed partners.” Pegy Ibrahim is a Researcher at Refugee Talent Hub. “Creating better understanding of refugee talents in the workforce through empirical research and reflecting upon it through personal experiences. With the hope to create an inclusive work environment where all are recognized for the personal value they bring.”
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