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Why Dyslexic Thinking might well be the best talent to grow (or save) your business

Innovation, sales, marketing, strategy, new product development, and problem-solving – all areas where greater thinking is required. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, James Dyson, Anita Roddick, Henry Ford, Edison and many other successful people are equally famous for being dyslexic.

Everyone has their own unique view of things. But for 20% of us, as Dyslexic Thinkers, our cognition is really different, driven by evolutionary force on our brains. This difference can be very valuable in rethinking how organizations think.

As AI (such as ChatGTP, CopyAI, etc) makes the lack of talent in reading, writing, and spelling less and less important, Dyslexic Thinking is becoming an increasingly powerful talent in the modern economy. From IKEA to Adyen, dyslexia is a driving force in business and entrepreneurship. Disruptive thinking is increasingly proving to be a powerful way for organizations, large and small, to realize tremendous growth potential.

Dyslexic and investigative thinking comes naturally to us dyslexics because our brains are naturally wired this way! Approaching projects without subconscious assumptions, from multiple perspectives, and with endless curiosity. Where others see obstacles, we only find ways to get around them. Dyslexic thinkers are individuals with their own view of the world without being bothered by existing mental shortcuts, analogies, and accepted worldviews. As a result, they more often see commercial opportunities that others do not see. A creative force to drive strategy & innovation.

The learning objectives of this masterclass are:

  • What are the latest insights into the origins of Dyslexic Thinking, a somewhat technical story about brain structure and function?
  • What makes Dyslexic Thinking so valuable now and in the future for employers/entrepreneurs?
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Door Dyslexic Disruptors

Why Dyslexic Thinking might well be the best talent to grow (or save) your business

June 27, 10:00 am – 11:00 am

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About the host

Dyslexic Disruptors

Marnix Langstraat

Marnix Langstraat: After more than 16 years of working as an employee in the corporate world, I know all too well how my dyslexia has influenced my career in the workplace. My dyslexia gave me an edge in many strategic and innovative topics and projects, although it was always very difficult to combine this edge with daily practice within a business environment. Many years later, we are now discovering how to leverage this skill of dyslexic thinking for businesses to profit from.
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